Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Fellowship
Value: $8,000

The CFUW is pleased to announce that applications for the Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Fellowship are now open! The $8,000 CAD Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Fellowship is presented and funded by the CFUW to commemorate the organization’s 100th anniversary in 2019.

Dr. Allie Vibert Douglas was an internationally known astrophysicist. In 1947 she became the first female president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Douglas was also President of the International Federation of University Women (now known as Graduate Women International) from 1947-1950.
She is a source of inspiration for all women striving for academic excellence. The Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Fellowship was established in 1947 in her honour.

The Fellowship is for a PhD thesis/project which focuses on advancing gender equality. The project must be led by women. The Fellowship is to be used in any country other than the one in which the applicant was educated and other than the one in which the applicant habitually resides.

The Fellowship is open to any female student who meets the listed requirements and whose project demonstrates relevance to CFUW’s mission, aims and objectives. Those interested will need to pay a $60 application fee. In addition, there is a $10 donation component for the application process. If an applicant belongs to an NFA of the Graduate Women International (GWI) or to an organization that pays membership to the International Alliance of Women (IAW), the donation is waived for the applicant. If an applicant does not belong to an NFA of the GWI or to an organization that belongs to the IAW but meets the other criteria for the Fellowship they must make a $10 donation that will be split between those two organizations.

Application information and examples of eligible projects can be found at https://fcfdu.fluidreview.com/.

Applications close on December 3, 2018. Please direct any questions to fellowships@cfuw.org.

The Fellowship brochure and poster are useful materials to share with your networks.

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