CFUW Bourse Georgette LeMoyne
2019-2020 Value: $10,000
Two awards of $5,000 each.

Georgette LeMoyne was one of the first women to receive a university degree in French Canada. She devoted her life to the promotion of education and employment for women. It is for graduate study in any field at a Canadian university. The candidate must be studying in French and write the Statement of Intent (Section I) of the application in French.


2018-2019 Winner: MÉLINA GUÊNÉ-NANCHEN


B.Sc. Biology, 2014, Université Laval
M.Sc. Plant Biology, 2016, Université Laval
Ph.D. Plant Biology, 2016-2019, Université Laval


A third of the global terrestrial carbon is stored in peatlands, even if they cover only 3% of emerged lands. However, peatlands have been largely disturbed by humans, and now restoration methods are necessary to recover these unique ecosystems. My doctoral thesis studies the regeneration of the vegetation in disturbed peatlands, to improve and develop restoration techniques for these valuable ecosystems.

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