100th Anniversary Scholarship Project

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) has supported women’s studies since its founding in 1919. To celebrate the CFUW’s 100th Anniversary, it is proposed that scholarship and award programs at both the local and national level, offer together, an additional $100,000 in awards in 2019.

CFUW Clubs, members and friends are invited to participate in any of the following ways:

  1. Donations can be made to the CFUW Charitable Trust so that additional, one-time awards can be distributed through the CFUW National Fellowship Program in 2019.
  2. A Club can chose to increase its current scholarship portfolio – with a special, onetime CFUW 100th Anniversary award.
  3. A Club can decide to create a new scholarship and 2019 could be the inaugural year of awarding.
  4. A Club without a current awards program may decide to create a special, onetime project (a book award or program or event).

All awards given as part of this project will be distinguished by the phrase “CFUW 100th Anniversary …” and presented during the year, 2019. This will allow for greater visibility in our anniversary year.

Getting started ....

While 2019 may seem a long way off, planning ahead will help Clubs to achieve their chosen goals.

At the Club Level - Some Clubs may choose to raise $25 a year making over $100 available for their 2019 project. Clubs can join together for projects that require larger funding.

At the National Level - Special anniversary donations to the CFUW Charitable Trust will be used to increase the postgraduate-level awards of the CFUW National Fellowship Program. Plans are being made with the National Office for an ‘ask campaign’ to former winners and the business community.

We would like to know what you are planning as soon as possible. Please identify your anticipated activities and awards to the 100th Scholarship Project Leader, Lynn Franklin by email lynn.franklin@sympatico.ca.


  • Local awards must be awarded between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019
  • Local awards must have the phrase: "CFUW 100th Anniversary" in the award name


  • Donations given for additional 100th Anniversary Fellowships through the national Fellowship Program must reach the Charitable Trust Treasurer by January 1, 2018


  • Commitment of Funds to the Trust - September 1, 2017
  • Additional Anniversary Awards Approved by Trustees - October 1, 2017
  • Anniversary Funding received by Trust Treasurer - January 1, 2018
  • 2019 Fellowship Awards approved by the National Board - January 31, 2018
  • 2019 Fellowship Awards Advertised by National Office - March 2018
  • Deadline for 2019 Fellowship Awards applications - November 1, 2018
  • Winners decided by Fellowship Committee - March 31, 2019
  • 2019 Fellowship Awards Announced - May 2019
  • 2019 Fellowship Awards Awarded - September 2019


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