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Statement on National Pharmacare Plan


CFUW-FCFDU joins Canadians across the country in celebrating the introduction of legislation for a national pharmacare program.

In 2017, CFUW-FCFDU resolved as a national body to urge the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to deliver universal pharmacare, a publicly funded and financially sustainable drug plan that would cover medically necessary prescription drugs for all Canadians, regardless of their ability to pay. After years of campaigning from non-governmental organizations, patient groups, and other members of the public, we are pleased to see this long-awaited pharmacare program will include universal and single-payer coverage.

We are especially pleased to see that the initial rollout will include coverage for contraception. Universal, free access to contraception is critical to ensuring reproductive rights and bodily autonomy, which is why CFUW-FCFDU passed a Resolution back in 1976 urging the government to make contraception readily available to all persons without charge. The inclusion of diabetes medication in this first phase will also be life-changing for so many Canadians.

Affordable medication is an essential element of a high-quality healthcare system. For far too long, Canadians have been paying higher prices for prescription drugs than most other developed countries, resulting in unacceptable financial burdens on patients. This must change as soon as possible. Accordingly, we sincerely hope that Bill C-64 passes with no further delay and that the national pharmacare program urgently receives the funding that it needs to include all essential medications.

View this statement as a PDF here (in French here).

On March 7, 2024, CFUW-FCFDU National President Joy Hurst wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Health Mark Holland to express our support for the national pharmacare plan and convey our hope that the government will allocate substantial funding to the program. Read our letter here.

CFUW-FCFDU Clubs were also encouraged to write to their MPs using this template letter (in French here).