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CFUW Annual International Service Project/Fundraising

“She Belongs in School” – CFUW’s ISP Project for 2023-2024

She belongs in school

“She Belongs in School” is a 60 Million Girls Foundation Organization project.

Who benefits from this project? The beneficiaries for She Belongs in School will be adolescent girls (aged approximately 16 to 19 years old) living in remote communities. Approximately 150 girls each year will be able to complete their schooling due to the Mobile Learning Lab. These girls would otherwise not be able to go to school. With the mobile learning lab (LAM), school is brought to them!

RACHEL Plus device

What is a Mobile Lab? It includes a server (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning, or RACHEL) which is the hotspot for isolated communities and can save 1TB of data, several tablets or other devices for users, and a solar panel. Educational resources can be uploaded to the RACHEL to allow users to access the information through a Wi-Fi connection without Internet connectivity. Read more here.

Where does the project operate? In remote communities within Memba, Erati, and Nacaroa in Mozambique.

What did we like about this project? The fact that it can be easily replicated. Each Mobile Lab costs approximately $5000.

How can I support this project? Donate to 60 Million Girls!

Donations to 60 Million Girls will be sent DIRECTLY to their organization and not to CFUW.

To ensure that donations are properly recorded, we ask that you follow these instructions when submitting your donations:

Donate by Cheque:

Make cheque payable to: 60 Million Girls

Send to Address: 5745 Place Turcot, Montreal, QC, H4C 1W1

In the note section of the cheque, please state your club’s name, so amounts being received can be recorded as donations from CFUW-FCFDU.

Donate Online (Credit Card):

If donating by credit card, you can go to 60 Million Girls’ website and click ‘Donate Now’.

Donating by credit card enables you to receive a donation receipt through email as soon as payment has gone through.

Donate Aeroplan Miles:

60 Million Girls is a participating charity in Aeroplan’s Charitable Pooling Program. You can donate Aeroplan miles to the Foundation, which they will be able to redeem to help pay for travel, car rental, and hotel expenses of speakers whom they invite to their annual conference. There are 4 simple steps to follow to donate your miles:

Go to

Click on DONATE NOW.

Enter your Aeroplan account number and your password.

Donate your miles