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Environment and Climate Change

mother daughter planting tree

This Sub-Committee focuses member discussion on issues pertaining to the environment and climate change in Canada and globally and brings recommendations for action to the attention of the National Board through the National Advocacy Standing Committee. On numerous occasions, CFUW has urged the Government of Canada to take vigorous and meaningful action to mitigate climate change.

Local interest groups or study groups working on environment and climate change issues connect with this national Sub-Committee and coordinate activities and share resources, information, and ideas. It operates under the umbrella of our Safe and Healthy Communities national priority. Committee members respond to federal or provincial public consultations when requested. They monitor the UN Conference of the Parties (COP) events that bring together decision-makers from across the globe to address the climate crisis.

The issues discussed by this Sub-Committee include:

  • Climate migration
  • Climate disasters (floods, fires, drought, heat domes, hurricanes, tropical storms, etc.) and their aftereffects
  • Climate adaptation (managing energy sources, reducing risks)
  • Climate justice (equitable, inclusive, and participatory approaches)
  • Greenhouse gases (rising levels and their sources)
  • Deforestation of carbon capture areas like rainforests, peat bogs
  • Melting of permafrost
  • Changes to environmental monitoring protocols
  • Natural heritage conservation (ecosystems, biodiversity)
  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Food quality
  • Use of pesticides, herbicides