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Study Groups

women gathered for study group

What are they? How do they work?

Study Groups are formed when a group of people with a common interest in an issue get together to talk about the issue, do some research, and may or may not determine to take some action. They are formed to learn about the issue and as they learn, their interest usually intensifies in finding solutions to the issue.

CFUW members in a Study Group may decide to create a CFUW Resolution and help the entire membership learn about their issue, or may use an existing adopted Resolution to take action with decision-makers and influencers. A Study Group may decide to approach a like-minded ally to join them in finding and implementing a viable solution to the issue. At all times they keep the Advocacy Framework in mind and adhere to the Advocacy Who Does What Guidelines.

CFUW currently has two active Study Groups:

  • Long-Term Care & Seniors’ Rights
  • Saving Canada’s Public Health Care System

To learn more about the CFUW National Study Groups or how to join them, please reach out to the VP Advocacy or VP Education.