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Standing Committee on GOVERNANCE


The mandate of the Committee is to be responsible for promoting good governance and assisting the board in carrying out their fiduciary duty. The committee is responsible for the development of CFUW governance policy on behalf of the Board. All deliverables will come to the Board for approval before implementation.


The Committee:

  • Promotes good governance practices for the Board in its governing of the CFUW organization. This includes activities in three broad areas:
    1. Board Role: duties of directors, effective governance/management relationship
    2. Board Quality: orientation and education, feedback and evaluation
    3. Board Structure and Processes: board leadership, committee roles, meeting processes, board policies
  • Develops governance and operational policy, structures and processes and reviews them annually for recommended updates.
  • Ensures adherence to legal accountabilities and responsibilities under applicable Canadian legislation.
  • Ensures that policies and procedures adhere to the CFUW Articles and Bylaws.