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Standing Committee on MEMBERSHIP


The mandate of the Committee is to be responsible for administering the CFUW membership activities and programs.

Projects/initiatives will come to the Board for approval.


The Committee:

  1. Monitors recruitment and retention strategies and works with the Executive Director, Regional Directors and others on campaigns and activities to increase membership in CFUW.
  2. Makes recommendations on all matters pertaining to membership.
  3. Encourages the development of new Clubs and works with the Regional Directors and Board on strategies to support existing Clubs.
  4. Decides and distributes the following awards: Membership Increase; New Member Increase; Special Projects; and Small Club Grants.




  • Committee Chair (voting) – VP Membership
  • At least three other interested members, ensuring national representation (voting)
  • CFUW President (voting)
  • Executive Director or designate (non-voting)


Membership Committee Resources

The resources listed below are available for Clubs to use. They range from toolkits, process of running meetings and member recruitment and retention. These items will be updated, and others added as they become available.

CFUW Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

Club Recruitment and Membership Review Guide

Key Messaging to Attract Members

Suggested Order of Business- Club Meeting

Retaining Members