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Policy Book

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CFUW is a grassroots organization that advocates for public policy based on CFUW adopted resolutions. The work of the Policy Book Sub-Committee is to continually enhance the value and use of the CFUW Adopted Resolutions Book. They routinely review the contents of the CFUW Adopted Resolutions Book, recommending the following: archiving outdated policies, identifying policies that need updating, and identifying policy topic gaps.

This Sub-Committee also maintains the CFUW Archived Resolutions document, which contains outdated resolutions from 1919 to present.

They support the Resolutions Committee with identification of relevant policies concerning each year’s proposed resolutions and provide continuing support to the National Advocacy Standing Committee, the International Relations Committee, and all other committees with identification of relevant policies for their work.

Each policy year, the committee updates and promotes the use of the Advocacy Action Document, which thematically consolidates related blocks of policy and points out where action is needed.